Organic Wholegrain Wheat Flour 1kg

Organic Wholegrain Wheat Flour 1kg



Our Wholegrain Wheat Flour is made from the entire grain, which means it is especially good source of Minerals.  It is very high in selenium, a Mineral that is hard to find in the diet and is involved in healthy hair and nails as well as supporting Thyroid function. It is also an important component of the body’s own inbuilt antioxidant defenses as well as helping male fertility.

There is also Magnesium, required for Cell Division, Teeth and Bones in addition to the immune system and Normal Blood Pressure as well as Manganese and Iron for the nervous system, brain, energy and bone health.

Whole Wheat Flour is a Rich Source of B vitamins and so used in the body to make energy and encourage a healthy cardiovascular system.

  • High in selenium, supports Thyroid Function
  • Source of Antioxidant
  • Promotes energy production
  • High in Vitamin B

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