5 Myths about Natural Foods

There’s an ongoing debate since decades about natural foods and their importance for a healthier life. While the world is shifting towards natural foods, we must bust some myths about natural foods before it misleads you into believing that natural foods are the only option for healthy living.

Well, natural foods are much healthier compared to the conventional food that we consume. Companies promoting natural foods, for example, have replaced the all purpose flour with Wheat flour to make healthy bakery products. Nevertheless, they are not totally natural or Organic, as nominated by the companies branding and marketing these types of foods. This is because the flour used is not from pure Organic produce. Similarly, all natural foods sold in the market globally contain chemicals and hence are not at all Organic as mistaken by the consumer.

So, What are Natural Foods?

Natural foods are foods that are minimally processed and don’t contain any hormones, antibiotics, or artificial flavors. These foods are marketed as natural but aren’t purely natural. They are simply more natural compared to the other traditional foods available in the stores around the globe.

Besides that, natural foods are same as any other traditional food available in the market. They are quite healthy though, as they don’t rely on artificial flavors or other synthetic chemicals or hormones for longevity or enhanced taste.

However, due to its health attributes and natural factors, there are a lot of myths prevailing in the industry about natural foods. Hence, we decided that it was high time to bust some of these myths and reveal the facts to our readers.

Myths About Natural Foods

More than myths, there are misconceptions about natural foods because of the way these products are marketed. People today are health conscious and natural food producer’s bank on such a mindset and try to sell their products to the mass.

Well, it is the right time to clear these misconceptions for everyone.

Myth #1 – Natural Foods are Organic

Well, due to its characterization and health factor, most people believe that natural means organic. Well, not exactly. Organic is all about the process of producing goods, whereas natural foods are all about the ingredients in the food. Organic food is basically produced using natural methods such as using cow dung manure and natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

On the other, natural foods can be manufactured using both conventional as well as organic produce. There’s no guarantee that the natural foods you find at the supermarket are really made using organic produce.

Myth #2 – Natural Foods are 100% Chemical Free

Well… they are actually not. They don’t use artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors but they are minimally processed to increase their shelf life. Besides that, natural foods are manufactured using farm produce, irrespective of whether it is organic or conventional.

Hence, it is not completely chemical free as per the popular belief.

Myth #3 – Natural Foods are FDA certified

Quite the opposite of the organic food culture, natural foods industry doesn’t need any certification to market and sell their products. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to its health factor, most of us believe that all the natural foods are FDA certified. Well, it is not.

The belief simply got popular because of the mindset developed by the marketers throughout the globe convincing almost everyone to go natural for better health. Nevertheless, we believe that this popular misconception must be cleared and people must know that natural foods don’t have any proper certification justifying how they market their products.

Myth #4 – Natural Foods is Based on Ayurveda

Natural foods are simply conventional foods with less or no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. It has nothing to do with Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice in India, and this study is particularly used for medicinal herbs or Ayurvedic drugs.

Just like organic food, natural foods mustn’t be confused with Ayurveda as well.

Myth #5 – Natural Foods are Completely Natural and Healthy

Well, the health factor is what makes the natural food industry booming, but the big question is whether natural foods are completely natural and healthy. The fact that they are manufactured without any artificial additives, we can infer that they are healthier than conventional foods. However, there are no medical claims or studies proving this fact.

Also, the claim that says, “natural foods are 100% natural” isn’t true either. Whether natural or conventional foods, they need to be processed for better longevity and longer shelf life. Hence the use of chemicals directly or indirectly happens by default.  Hence, natural foods are not entirely natural as the industry claims….and they are definitely not ORGANIC !!

Over to You!

In this world of capitalism, we advise you to be wiser and always research before you opt for a new food alternative. It will be stupid to simply follow the herd and blindly believe in the false claims around natural foods.

Opting for organic food is the wisest choice today as many studies have proved that consuming organic produce, in the long run, helps in better health and improves the immunity to prevent any kind of ailments.

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