Organic Amaranth

Organic Amaranth



Amaranth has been getting a lot of attention from the international nutrition community in recent years but in India, it’s been widely enjoyed for centuries.

This naturally Gluten Free grain is a source of fiber as well as monounsaturated fats, similar to those found in avocado and olive oil. Amaranth also takes the title for the grain richest in protein, with some 28g per 100g, making it ideal for a vegetarian diet.

Truefarm Amaranth also has an impressive level of nutrients as its rich in magnesium, iron, manganese, folate and vitamin B6. It is also a source of calcium, zinc and vitamins B2 and B5.

Combined with protein and Fibre, Truefarm Amaranth is ideal for enhancing energy levels as well as managing appetite.

Cook by covering with water, bringing the water to the boil and then simmering for 15 minutes, or ‘pop’ the grain by adding 1 or 2 tablespoons to hot oil, move briskly until it pops. Allow to cool before enjoying.

  • High source of protein
  • Glutten-free ancient grain.
  • Source of Fiber
  • Source of Minerals and Vitamins
  • Supports energy production

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