Organic Rolled Oats

Organic Rolled Oats


Organic Rolled Oats


Truefarm Organic Oats provide an impressive range of nutritional benefits that few other grains can match. They are naturally high in fiber and a source of protein too, a combination that can help extend energy levels, balance glucose levels and make it easier to manage appetite too. Truefarm Organic Oats are also a notable source of nutrients as they are rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, and manganese. This translates to being involved in bone health, energy production, antioxidant capabilities, fat metabolism, fertility, the immune system and eyesight. But more than all this, it’s the presence of a particular type of fiber, beta glucan, that sets Truefarm Organic Oats aside from other grains. Just 3g of beta-glucan daily can reduce total cholesterol as well as LDL, the less favourable type, by 5-10% in three months. There’s up to 8g beta-glucan in 100g of Truefarm Organic Oats and so starting the day with a small bowl of Truefarm Organic Oats can make a difference to overall heart health. Add to baking, mix a few tablespoons to mixed vegetables or enjoy a bowl of Truefarm Organic Oats with a few nuts and chopped fruit for breakfast.

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