Organic Wholegrain Barley

Organic Wholegrain Barley


Organic Wholegrain Barley


As well as offering a wide range of nutritional benefits Barley has a satisfying slightly chewy consistency along with a nutty flavour. It’s rich in fiber that acts as a prebiotic, supplying fuel for the beneficial bacteria that reside in the gut encouraging them to thrive. Also present is beta-glucan, a specific variety of fiber that can reduce not only overall cholesterol levels but also the less favourable LDL version. Fibre also helps it easier to manage blood glucose levels and feel fuller for longer. Barley is rich in selenium, a mineral that can be hard to find in the diet as well as a important part of the body’s inbuilt antioxidant abilities. Barley needs to be rinsed before cooking for 60 minutes, 1 part barley to 3 of water. It is a great addition to bread and baking, as well as soups, rice, and chopped vegetables.

100% Certified organic products
Source of Minerals
High Fiber
Source of Antioxidants


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